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Project Description

Ilovethismusic want's to create a new way for people to listen to music. 

The goal is to be creative, innovative, something new that hasn't been there. lets you listen & download music based on your mood, weather, or any type of expression you can think of. Just press Play.

Ideas using this concept.

Don't you think that the internet should offer new ways for people to listen to music?

New ways to listen to music, mood music, weather music, keyword searched music. lets you listen & download music based on your mood, weather or any type of expression.The website would be used by users from all around the world to help them find and listen new music. The website now currently serves music to its users from a database with of over 1 000 000 songs. All the mp3 songs are searched over the internet on third party servers, only the url location is hold in our servers. The company doesn’t make any profits yet, because it needs to build a functional user base for the website first and then it can start working on the ROI.


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