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Music for your motion!

What is your motion?

Client app does the following,

1. Initial fill of 1000 songs with tags by user, the tags can be anything that the user thinks he would listen while doing:
- running
- driving in a car
- tough day at work songs
- beach songs
These categories should be freely added.

2. Using echonest api to scan all the rest songs and try to find similar songs and tag them.

3. Making the system learn the types of music people like base on starting input.

People ussually have same routines, that appear the same every day.
What we can do is try to map music for every step of that users day.

Lets try it input (my routine):
1. Wake up from sleep ( this can be done by a smart phone connection the website to play the song for waking up today) 8:30
2. Go to bathroom, and clean face and wash teeth (the website can play music for bathroom)
3. Get in car drive to work ( the website can return songs that are cool for driving)
4. Get to work sit on a computer starting of work day (have a call with client and check mail music)
5. Client hangs up, I start working, (Music for work)
6. I go on break with my colleges ( Music for having a break from work)
7. Come back to work (Music for work)
8. Music for work based on the hour, begining of work or middle or end of work day.
9. Get in car and drive to go somewhere( Music for driving and car)
10. Going home lying on couch trying to chill out a little ( Music for relaxing myself and enjoying the day)

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